Alcohol is such a big part of our culture and has been for centuries so is it possible to quit drinking and still enjoy life? Can life actually be better without alcohol? 


This documentary attempts to answer these questions by speaking to people who have successfully ditched the booze and become alcohol-free.


Alcohol effects people in different ways. Some people are just fed up of the occasional hangover, some people find they are drinking more than they'd like and others become physically dependent.  

We explore their personal reasons for stopping, how they've done it and what their lives are like now. It might surprise you what we discovered in the process.

This has a lot of personal meaning for me because I too have given up drinking alcohol. It's been great to meet all of these people and I have been inspired by the journeys they have taken, so I hope you are too.

There are a number of resources referenced in the film. If you'd like to find out more, the links are below;

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Simon Tomlinson

Founder of Genuine Productions

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