I decided to stop eating meat, dairy, eggs and all animal products a couple of years ago after watching the documentaries Vegucated and Forks Over Knives. 


Watching these films opened my eyes and I was amazed at how unhealthy eating animal products was for us as human beings. Like most meat-eaters I used to think that people "needed" to eat meat to be healthy, but that simply isn't the case and numerous scientific studies prove this.

I was also deeply saddened by seeing images of how animals are treated and I knew I could no longer support the cruelty that happens every day to millions of wonderful creatures. I've even bought myself some vegan Doc Martens and stopped buying leather too.

So I decided to make a documentary of my own featuring people from Birmingham who have also switched to a plant-based diet. The aim of this film is not to persuade or guilt people into becoming vegan but just to show how it has positively influenced their lives.

This is the first documentary I have made and I am very proud of how it has come together so I hope you enjoy it too. I promise there are no images of animals being mistreated, just real stories from real people.

If you are inspired by this and would like to watch some more documentaries on the subject, I can highly recommend the following:

  • The Game Changers

  • Cowspiracy

  • Carnage

  • What the Health

  • Vegucated

  • Forks Over Knives

Simon Tomlinson

Founder of Genuine Productions

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